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I  About ASMEC

The Company ASMEC AdvancedSurface MEChanics GmbH was founded on 18. December 2003 in Rossendorf close to the Saxon capital Dresden. It is located in the Rossendorfer Technologiezentrum (ROTECH), which offers an optimum environment for technology oriented newly founded companies.

The ASMEC GmbH is a spin-off from the Institute of Physics of the University of Technology Chemnitz and was established by Dr. Thomas Chudoba who has been working in the field of mechanical surface properties and contact mechanics for many years.

The objective of the company is the development and supply of software, hardware and measurement as well as optimisation services, which have a relation to surface mechanics. The activities are especially focused on thin coatings in the range from some micrometers down to a few nanometers. The staff members of ASMEC have a lot of experiences in this working area.

There is still a very close collaboration with the local universities and Fraunhofer institutes. The ASMEC GmbH is a member of the German Competence Center "Ultrathin Functional Films" and the European Society of Thin Films.

The most important measurement method applied by the company is nanoindentation (Instrumented Indentation Test). This method allows determining hardness, Young's modulus or yield strength of surfaces and thin films.

Based on the nanoindentation principle the first own instrument - a Universal Nanomechanical Tester (UNAT) - was recently developed. This device is extending the capabilities of other commercial nanoindenters by a second measuring head for the measurement of lateral forces and displacements with high resolution. It helps to close an existing gap in the simulation of real tribological conditions in laboratory environment.

Experiences, which are obtained during the processing of measurement service orders, will directly be used for the development of the own instrument. Measurements are completed by three-dimensional stress calculations for coated systems with fast analytical algorithms. This allows a real optimisation of coatings in respect of mechanical durability. The required software is developed in the company as well.