Here you can find title and abstract of selected publications (co-)authored by ASMEC employees or where important results have been obtained with UNAT or ZHN.
An overview of publications from T. Chudoba can be found on ResearchGate: To the webseite

Demonstration and challenges for joining technology based on direct bonding usable for construction of (large) structures in space
H. R. Fischer, E. Gelinck, C. Semprimoschnig, M. van Munster, J. van der Heijden

Influence of the coating structure of a-C:H:W coatings on their wear-performance: A theoretical approach and its practical confirmation
A. Gies, T. Chudoba, N. Schwarzer, J. Becker

Microscopic analysis of single-fiber push-out tests on ceramic matrix composites performed with Berkovich and flat-end indenter and evaluation of interfacial fracture toughness
W.M. Mueller, J. Moosburger-Will, M.G.R. Sause, S. Horn

Dislocation storage in single slip-oriented Cu micro-tensile samples: new insights via X-ray microdiffraction
C. Kirchlechner, D. Kiener, C. Motz, S. Labat, N. Vaxelaire, O. Perroud, J.-S. Micha, O. Ulrich, O. Thomas, G. Dehm, J. Keckes

Overview on established and novel FIB based miniaturized mechanical testing using in-situ SEM
D. Kiener, C. Motz, G. Dehm, R. Pippan

Higher accuracy analysis of instrumented indentation data obtained with pointed indenters
T. Chudoba, N. M. Jennett

Comparison of nanoindentation results obtained with Berkovich and cube-corner indenters
T. Chudoba, P. Schwaller, R. Rabe, J. -M. Breguet, J. Michler

Investigation of ultra thin coatings using nanoindentation
N. Schwarzer, T. Chudoba, F. Richter

On the evaluation of stresses in coated materials during nanoindentation with sharp indenters
N. Schwarzer, T. Chudoba, G.M. Pharr

Combination of normal and lateral force-displacement measurements as a new technique for the mechanical characterization of surfaces and coatings
V. Linss, T. Chudoba, M. Karniychuk, F. Richter

Young’s modulus measurements on ultra-thin coatings
T. Chudoba, M. Griepentrog, A. Dück, D. Schneider, F. Richter

Investigation of creep behaviour under load during indentation experiments and its influence on hardness and modulus results
T. Chudoba, F. Richter